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Coming Decision Could Affect Local Mortgage Interest Rates

It’s really as simple as this: when Inland Empire mortgage interest rates are low, good things happen in local real estate. And last week, when The Washington Post commented on the news coming out of Washington, it indicated exactly that. “Mortgage rates fall for the third week in a row” was the headline summarizing the […]

The Truest Inland Empire Listings are Right Here, Right Now!

Have you ever wondered about the way Inland Empire listings appear on your screen when you search for houses for sale through one of the search engines? If you have already found a local REALTOR’s® website (like this one!), it’s easy to search the local listings right from that site without bothering further. You’ll come […]

Searching for a Local Home for Sale: What’s the Best Approach?

If you had to characterize the way future homeowners approach how they find their next home for sale, you’d likely say that they fall into a couple of major categories. Both approaches work: which is better is really about the way you tend to tackle any problem. But if I had to choose, there is […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Ready to take the plunge? This is what you need to buy a home:

    What You Need to Buy a House: Do You Have It All?

    Before you hit "all systems go," it's helpful to know exactly what you need to buy a house.

    5 hours ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Celebrities who are also landlords.

    Live Like A Celebrity By Renting One of Their Homes

    Here’s our round up of those with properties currently on the market, both as vacation rentals and long-term opportunities.

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Don't let saving for a home interrupt your lifestyle.

    How to save up to buy a home without sacrificing your lifestyle

    Having a full down payment ready to go can help you get the mortgage you want, secure a better interest rate, make your offer on a property more appealing to sellers, and avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI) costs.

    2 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - When should you hire a professional for a renovation project? Here's advice for your next home remodel:

    DIY vs. professional renovation: What to tackle yourself and what to leave to the pros

    Taking a renovation into your own hands may seem like a great idea, but is it realistic?

    3 days ago
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  • Community Events

    RADC General meeting January 21, 2017
    1-22-17 8:00 am - Ford Park
    Redlands Area Democratic Club

    This is our first monthly meeting for 2017. Our general meeting speaker will be Luis Nolasco, Community Engagement & Policy Advocate, ACLU of Southern California.  He will speak on "Re-Envisioning Public Safety in 2017: What Lies Ahead for...

    Sunday Morning Group Hike
    1-22-17 8:00 am - Ford Park
    Loma Linda Hiking Meetup

    Take Mtn. View south to Hulda Crooks Park, just past the park, take a quick left and I'll be by the dog parks. I'll have a sign that says "Loma Linda Hiking Group". I'll be there at 6:45am and we will begin at 7:00am. I hope to see you there!

    Sunday 8:00 AM Pickleball!
    1-22-17 8:00 am - Ford Park
    IE Pickleball

    This is a NEW change to our schedule, starting Dec. 4, 2016, and will continue till otherwise announced. There are 2 junior tennis courts that are lined for pickleball, so all we have to do is set up nets. A 3rd net can be set up on the v-ball...

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