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Retiring an Inland Empire Mortgage May Rank Low as a Retiree Priority

Last week, The Wall Street Journal ran an article about personal finances that Inland Empire mortgage payers who are at or near retirement age should find thought-provoking. It centered on the idea that today’s retirees are often making a decision that differs from what past generations have chosen. The basis is twofold. First, it’s undeniable […]

Fitting Inland Empire Real Estate Prices into the Long Term Picture

Whenever you are getting ready to buy or sell a residence, taking the temperature of the local housing market is part of how you prepare to engage. When Inland Empire real estate prices are on the rise, bargain hunters know they’ll have to scramble. When Inland Empire real estate prices are flat or on the […]

Low Credit Scores Don’t Always Nix First Time Home Buyers

They really ought to teach this stuff in school: real-life, day-to-day economics. Inland Empire youngsters out on their own for the first time are usually left to trial and error when it comes to mastering things like how to lay out a personal budget or use credit advantageously. Or even how to go about selecting […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Learn how to paint your home like a pro with these 5 must-follow tips!

    Take the Pain out of Painting: 5 Must-Follow Rules for Professional Looking Results

    Painting is one of those things that's easy to do, but hard to do really well. If you plan on giving your pad a little infusion of color soon, then listen up: we tell you how to get DIY results that are as good as the pros.

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    Inland Empire German Language Meetup Group

    Wir müssen unseren Treffpunkt für die nächsten Treffen verlegen. »The Grand Oak Steakhouse« wird die nächsten paar Monate wegen Urlaub geschlossen sein.  Neuer Treffpunkt für dieses Treffen wird  The Old Spaghetti Factory #1635...

    Taking Pains Writers Discussion Group

    SoCal Orange Empire Writers League

    A discussion group tackling topics concerning the craft, business and science of writing.

    Using Parcel Fabric To Align Custodial Data to Changing Property Cadastre

    Land Records Meetup

    How to join the meeting?•• Login as Guest (please supply name and organization name)• Meeting audio conference number:[masked] OR International: [masked]• Participant passcode:[masked] Presenter:Craig...

    Responding to Drought: A Green Story - Webinar

    Public Works Meetup

    Join the Esri Water Meetup to discuss key factors associated with drought. David Totman, Esri Global Industry Manager for Water, will lead the discussion. The webinar will start with a high level discussion and then move into the topic of...

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