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Photos Make (or Break) Inland Empire Home Listing Successes

Your Inland Empire home listing is, hands-down, the most likely place prospective buyers will get their first glimpse of the home you are selling. Most serious prospects will go online as an early step in the process of winnowing candidate properties by area, asking price, number of bedrooms, etc.—so the photos in your home listing […]

Inland Empire Home Buyers Needn’t Let Low Credit Scores Stop Them

Low Credit Score? Your First Home May Still be Within Reach Buying an Inland Empire home—especially if it’s your first—takes attention to detail, even for home buyers with spotless credit. The challenge is a good deal greater if your credit score has dropped below the level most banks require to approve a home loan. The […]

Going the Extra Mile: 3 Staging Tips for Inland Empire Homeowners

Staging Tips to Broaden an Inland Empire Home’s Sales Appeal A recent Zillow survey again confirmed that extensive renovations are usually not the shortest path to a sale. Across the board, experts agree: it’s still curb appeal and home staging—staging that highlight’s a home’s best features while downplaying its flaws—that often prove most effective. So, […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Who would like a relaxing evening in this dreamy outdoor spa?

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Don't let wear and tear ruin your home's appeal.

    Quick Fix for Worn Concrete

    Renewing a pitted or spalling concrete surface can be done without a jackhammer or bulldozer

    2 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Enter my October sweepstakes to win $800 in gift cards from popular retailers such as Pottery Barn, Home Depot and Target. To enter, just like or comment on this post or click the link below! Enter now:

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - What's your favorite thing about this beautiful kitchen?

    3 days ago
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    Walk And Get Coffee

    Redlands Stroller Moms

    We'll meet at Olive Avenue Market and leave from there!

    Redlands Market Night "Ask an Atheist" Booth

    Inland Empire Atheists and Agnostics Meetup Group

    Want to help let other non-believers know they're not alone?  Want to take an active role in promoting Secular ideals in the local community? Then come join us at Redlands Market Night! We'll be loosely following the "Ask an Atheist" format...

    Hooklines, Blurbs, Mini-Synopses

    Novel Writers Workshop

    When someone asks what your book is about, how do you answer? Do you stumble & stammer and ramble on and on like I used to do until the person desperately searches for a quick exit? How do you attract an agent? Publisher? A reader? Learn how to...

    Spirits, Ghosts, and Hauntings - $10.00

    Bright Star Spiritual Group in Redlands

    Mankind has regularly had visitors from the other side. Sometimes these visitors are friendly; other times the negative energies can actually be the cause of physical illness or exhaustion. Learn to recognize some of the subtle, and not so...

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