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A Skilled Local Appraiser Works in Everyone’s Favor

A skilled Inland Empire appraiser provides a service that should help make the buying and selling of a residence a smooth transaction. ‘Should’ is the operative word. Going back to ancient times, homes have always been ‘real’ when it comes to establishing the amount of money that they are worth. The home’s role as the […]

Local Readers find Sweet Real Estate Reports

Our Inland Empire’s real estate picture usually differs little from that of the nation as a whole. The latest rumblings from the mass media and web continue to bolster the picture of rising values and quickening activity—a sweet story with nary a sour note. In fact the unanimity of voices from almost every corner of […]

Inland Empire Virtual Tours: They Come in a Variety of Flavors!

For many homes that will be listed for sale in the Inland Empire, virtual tours will be part of their prospective buyers’ experience. It’s increasingly common that in addition to the eye-catching still photographs that enhance the online listing, some form of clickable virtual tour is there, as well. Most frequently found are virtual tours […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Are you looking to spruce up your home? Learn how to pick interior color schemes that will brighten any room!

    How to Pick Interior Color Schemes

    Choosing a color combination for your home interior can be a challenge, but color also can be a powerful tool for transforming a plain space into a sensational environment. Here are some tips to get you started.

    11 hours ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Imagine how nice and peaceful it would be to hear the pitter-patter of a light rain while relaxing on this covered swing!

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - What a pretty patio! This looks like a great spot to hang out and catch up with friends don't you think?

    4 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - A Skilled Local Appraiser Works in Everyone’s Favor!

    An Inland Empire Home’s Under-Appraisal is Preventable |

    An Inland Empire Appraiser Can Speed a Home’s Sale…or Not

    5 days ago
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    Redlands fiber arts community

    Sorry for the long delay but the summer has been so hot I just couldn't quite get the mojo going! But now a couple of days of cool weather and the idea of getting together seems great! So let's do it! Potluck - bring what you like Kids -...

    Inland Networkers Breakfast! 20+ like minded business owners talk shop and eat!

    Inland Networkers

    Come join 20+ Inland Networkers in our weekly business networking breakfast. We're a fun group of like-minded entrepreneurs who know the value of personal connections and networks. We are a part of a larger, global group that has passed...

    Inquiry into the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff

    G.I. Gurdjieff Inland Empire Study Group

    This open discussion is for the purpose of bringing together people who have an interest in G.I.Gurdjieff and the search for meaning in the midst of daily life. All are welcome

    Girls' Night Out at The Tartan

    Secular Women of Greater Riverside

    Girls' Night Out is on the road! Join us in Redlands for a fun evening full of good food and lively conversation. 

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