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Coming Decision Could Affect Local Mortgage Interest Rates

It’s really as simple as this: when Inland Empire mortgage interest rates are low, good things happen in local real estate. And last week, when The Washington Post commented on the news coming out of Washington, it indicated exactly that. “Mortgage rates fall for the third week in a row” was the headline summarizing the […]

The Truest Inland Empire Listings are Right Here, Right Now!

Have you ever wondered about the way Inland Empire listings appear on your screen when you search for houses for sale through one of the search engines? If you have already found a local REALTOR’s® website (like this one!), it’s easy to search the local listings right from that site without bothering further. You’ll come […]

Searching for a Local Home for Sale: What’s the Best Approach?

If you had to characterize the way future homeowners approach how they find their next home for sale, you’d likely say that they fall into a couple of major categories. Both approaches work: which is better is really about the way you tend to tackle any problem. But if I had to choose, there is […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - This is what you call lavish living.

    150 Stunning Celebrity Homes

    The lavish penthouses, lofts, mansions, and vacation homes of the world’s top stars feature amenities that top the charts in opulence.

    17 hours ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Keep your kids' toys organized to impress potential buyers.

    How to Organize Toys in 5 Painless Steps

    Are you going to shove those toys under the bed or clean with conviction? Banish the mess and keep your cool—here's how to organize toys in five easy steps.

    2 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Revamp your space with these ideas.

    6 tips to feng shui your home

    Even today, these design principles are used (to varying degrees) by interior designers, professional organisers and 'feng shui consultants'. You can ...

    3 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - How interest rates on a mortgage work:

    What Is Interest? The Fee That Can Tack Thousands Onto Your Mortgage

    You’ve probably overheard homeowners boast that they nabbed a "great interest rate" on their mortgage.

    4 days ago
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    Dancing to the Rhythm of Your Authentic Self

    Redlands Holistic Healing Group

    How often do you react to situations on automatic pilot, only to regret you behavior in hindsight? We all have imprinting’s and patterning’s from our ancestral lineage, as well as from society in general.  But wouldn’t it be lovely to...

    Maha Shivaratri Kirtan and Meditation

    Mantra Music Meditation

    Maha Shivaratri is an important holiday for Yogis.  It falls on the night before the new moon in Feb. or March (based on the Hindu lunar calendar).  It is the night we celebrate Shiva as well as his wife Parvati.  Here is Swami Satyananda's...

    Sunday Service at the Source

    The Source - Redlands

    Join us for Meditation at 9:30 am and an inspiring Service at 10 am. We have outstanding musicians and an inspiring message each Sunday.

    RSVP for dates you can come - lets have fun!!

    Redlands Ladies Bunco Meetup

    LADIES - Come if you want to make friends, eat, laugh, have fun and most of all WIN SOME MONEY $$$$.  Look forward to seeing you.  We can still play if there is not 12 attendees. Your friends and family are welcome, let me know and we can go...

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