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3 Things to Look for in Your Next Inland Empire Real Estate Agent

When your house is about to go on the market, or you are preparing to find the perfect Inland Empire home, choosing the right Inland Empire real estate agent shouldn’t be a blind Trick-or-Treat grab bag. You deserve to come up with a full-size candy bar—not a walnut! The right choice can make all the […]

Current Reasons Why Buying a Home Makes Sen$e!

Despite what just feels like the right answer, buying a home in the Inland Empire can be significantly cheaper than renting one. It’s one of those rare cases where, if you stop and make common sense judgments about the factors at play, the ‘just feels like’ conclusion is the opposite of the one common sense […]

Photos Make (or Break) Inland Empire Home Listing Successes

Your Inland Empire home listing is, hands-down, the most likely place prospective buyers will get their first glimpse of the home you are selling. Most serious prospects will go online as an early step in the process of winnowing candidate properties by area, asking price, number of bedrooms, etc.—so the photos in your home listing […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Would you 'like' this pool with a grotto at your house? It looks like a great place to relax this weekend!

    2 hours ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Search for homes right from my Facebook page! Please feel free to contact me or schedule a showing. Start searching now:

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Modern isn't for everyone. Learn the tricks to acquiring a charming historic home to suit your tastes

    How To Buy Historic Houses: Learn About Buying Old Houses

    One of the hottest trends in real estate has become the restoration of historic homes. The United States, with its rich history, has a wonderfully textured architectural past. From New England to the West Coast, there are a host of historic homes demonstrating the great and ever-changing architectur…

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Looking for that perfect agent to help you sell or buy a home? This blog has some helpful tips on what qualities to look for.

    Choosing an Inland Empire Real Estate Agent: No Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag! |

    Searching an Real Estate Agent to help get your home sold or to help you find your dream home? This article can get you started on what traits you would want that agent to have.

    1 day ago
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    Wine and Appetizers

    Redland's Singles for the Food and/or Wine Enthusiast

    Time in a Bottle has a wonderful selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. They specialize is in appetizers and desserts with a few dinner specials each night.

    The Rainbow Series / Indigo - Wisdom and Insight

    Bright Star Spiritual Group in Redlands

    We continue our journey through the chakras, and the directions on the medicine wheel, with the sixth path; Wisdom and Awakening. The path six mystic gains insight and wisdom by looking inward to find the Light, awakening to the understanding...

    Redlands DTR Art Walk

    Redlands Friend Connection

    Let's meet at The Vault and check out "Nerdpop Art" till everyone arrives... We can all walk over to state street to see the other art work.  The DTR Art Walk is back and bigger than ever. Artists will be on display at Augie's Alley Gallery,...

    Learn to Channel Group for Women

    Learn to Channel, Increase your Gifts in Various Locations

    Do you have a desire to channel verbally?  Do you meditate? Do you already receive visions or messages from your guides? Do you want to increase your own gifts, or take the step to channel verbally?  Are you ready for that next step into a...

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