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When (and When Not) to Tap Your Inland Empire Home Equity

Your Inland Empire home is your castle, sure—but it’s also a great deal more than that. In addition to being the place where you relax after work, spend time with family, and generally live your life, it’s also the most substantial investment most people ever make. Much of its prominence is due to the many […]

Inland Empire Rental Investment also has Rent-to-Own Possibilities

Suppose your REALTOR® helped you land a prime Inland Empire rental investment property—and you’ve been more than content with the result. Your longtime tenant proved to be conscientious and dependable, with resulting passive income that has been quietly building your bank account with very little oversight from you. In short, your Inland Empire rental investment […]

Retirees Buying an Inland Empire Home Find Stereotypes Misleading

That housing needs change as people get older goes without saying. For Inland Empire Baby Boomers, the “getting older” concept has gradually morphed from the distant abstraction it seemed in the 60’s and 70’s to a more immediate concern. And of all the decisions that will have the most impact on those nearing their golden […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Learn how mirrors can transform your living space.

    Decorating With Mirrors

    Check out these 10 tips for decorating with mirrors from designers at

    4 hours ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Congratulations to Lindsay Harden for winning November's Dream Sweeps! Lindsay has won $800 worth of gift cards to use towards her dream home! To enter my December sweepstakes, just like or comment on this post or click the link below! Enter now: ...Read More

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Would you love to unwind by a gorgeous outdoor fireplace like this tonight?

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - When it comes to Home Equity. Do you know when or if its a good idea to tap into it? This article can help shed some light.

    To HEL and Back: When, When Not to Tap Inland Empire Home Equity |

    Wondering if its a good idea to tap into your home equity? This article can shed a little light on home equity and when or if its a good idea.

    1 day ago
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Redlands Friend Connection

    The end-of-year holidays are here at last,  That bright, happy time when we have a blast!  Our wish when your new year has finally begun:  That you look back at months full of good times and fun. I enjoyed meeting so many new & wonderful...

    Hike Hulda Crooks hills (with added hills)

    Redlands Area Walking/Hiking and Yoga Too!

    To find the park go South on Moutain View until it ends.   When Mtn View dead ends into the park take the hill up to the top parking lot.   If this lot is full you can park in the tennis court lots and walk up the hill.   We will meet at...


    Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel of Inland Empire

    Singing HU can: Expand your awareness Help you experience divine love Heal a broken heart Offer solace during times of grief Bring peace and calm HU  A Love Son to God

    Publishing authoritative parcel content using ArcGIS

    Land Records Meetup

    There are many ways to publish parcel content using ArcGIS. In this session, we will cover the best practices for publishing parcels and introduce new concepts, workflows and tools available. This session will also include a brief overview of the...

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