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Understanding Title Fine Print Clears Up Ownership Issues

When it comes to making legal distinctions, the ones connected with buying and selling Inland Empire houses have lasting consequences—so it’s important that they be the intentional kind. Although Three Dog Night might have sincerely believed that One is the Loneliest Number—that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to the title of an Inland […]

Debate Rages over Effectiveness of Inland Empire Open Houses

For years, there was little debate about the need for open houses in the Inland Empire: almost without exception, unless the seller of an Inland Empire home objected, at least one or two open houses were an accepted part of how most real estate agents went about marketing the property. Today, along with all the […]

Five Tips for Finding Your Ideal Inland Empire Real Estate Agent

A few of our Inland Empire’s professionals operate as one-person enterprises, but that’s unusual. Even a one-doctor medical practice has back-up staff. Most lawyers, even if they aren’t in a partnership arrangement, have at least one assistant or secretary to help. Small commercial businesses are called ‘mom and pop’ operations because…well, you get the picture. […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Make sure you've examined all the Title Issues there are so when it comes time to sign you are confident in your decision.

    Title Issues to Examine before Decisions are Made |

    Taking Title to Your Inland Empire House Involves Key Choices

    49 minutes ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Small yard? Not to worry! You can still have an awesome patio space by building UP! What do you think about this elevated deck space?

    1 hour ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Would you ♥ this modern bath?

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - With these designs, you may end up spending more time outdoors!

    Landscaping With Gravel and Other Soft Surfacing : HGTV Gardens

    HGTV Gardens shows off the many ways gravel, pebbles, bark chips and other soft surfacing materials can look amazing in a garden design.

    3 days ago
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    Dreamtime Visitations with Loved Ones with Channelings for Visions & Messages

    Learn to Channel, Increase your Gifts in Various Locations

          Can Loved Ones visit us in Dreamtime?  YES They Can!  They want to help us with our healing, help to heal their relationship with us, help us with their support and love as well as teach us of life in the heavenly realms.       So...

    ArcGIS for State Government- UC Release

    ArcGIS for State Government @ArcGISStateGov

    Meetup Topic: We’ll discuss ArcGIS for State Government UC activities as well as discuss the forthcoming 'UC release' which includes a series of new maps and apps. Meetup Logistics: We'll meet at 11:00am PDT. If you plan on physically attending...

    Taking Pains Writers Discussion Group

    SoCal Orange Empire Writers League

    A discussion group tackling topics concerning the craft, business and science of writing.

    Let's network together and help each other in business.

    Christian Business Partners - Redlands Chapter

    The Redlands Chapter of Christian Business Partners meets every Thursday morning for networking and fellowship. We are a Christian business networking ministry, and we have been meeting in Redlands since 2010. Feel free to check us out at our...

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