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This Spec Home Rates a New Definition

An Inland Empire “spec” home is a residence that has been designed and built by a local entrepreneur who has no pre-existing sales order. Inland Empire spec homes are bold ventures: they have to be built with confidence that the design and execution will be attractive enough to generate a sale. To return a profit […]

Housing News that Inland Empire Homeowners Have Been Waiting For

For Inland Empire homeowners, the news was a long time coming. The bounce back from last decade’s dizzying plummet in the nation’s residential housing values has been underway for quite a while now—but those values hadn’t quite returned to their former heights. Until last month! The Wall Street Journal was early to break the long-awaited […]

Today’s Inland Empire Listings Aren’t Your Granddaddy’s MLS!

When you put your Inland Empire home on the market, your most effective marketing mechanism isn’t the front yard For Sale sign—although that sign is certainly one way to generate valuable neighborhood awareness. It’s not the well-designed ad your REALTOR® publishes, even in the most well-read Inland Empire newspaper or magazine—although those expensive insertions can […]

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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Would you rather have a clawfoot or a standard tub in your bathroom?

    11 hours ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - What do you think about these sometimes controversial design trends?

    Controversial Design Trends - Interior Design Trends List

    Find out what happens when editors start getting real about the latest design trends. See which interior design trends we love and which we love to hate, then cast your vote.

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Inland Empire Builders Take Note: a “Spec” Home that’s One for the Ages. This Spec Home Rates a New Definition.

    Inland Empire Builders Take Note: a “Spec” Home that’s One for the Ages |

    Local Spec Home Builders Needn’t Compete with L.A.’s Newest

    2 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Home additions like pot fillers bring ease and convenience. What are the biggest things on your list that you'd like to add to your kitchen?

    2 days ago
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    Toastmaster Contest Chair & Judes Training- Redlands

    Inland Empire Toastmasters Meetup

    You are invited to become a Contest Chair, voting judge&/or Contest Chief Judge. You will gain the tools you need for a well planned & successful contest event. You will learn how to handle any surprises that happen during the event. You will...

    Potluck bei den Lyews

    Inland Empire German Language Meetup Group

    Sommer-Potluck bei den Lyews.  Bitte, was Du mitzubringen gedenkst im Kommentarbereich posten, damit es nicht allzu viele Wiederholungen von dem Selben gibt. Vorschlag: wenn es geht, möglichst was typisches aus deiner Gegend selbst zubereiten -...

    Dreamtime Visitations with Loved Ones with Channelings for Visions & Messages

    Learn to Channel, Increase your Gifts in Various Locations

          Can Loved Ones visit us in Dreamtime?  YES They Can!  They want to help us with our healing, help to heal their relationship with us, help us with their support and love as well as teach us of life in the heavenly realms.       So...

    The New Hot Club of America (Host is Vandna)

    Fun Times and Random Adventures

    "Modeled after the original instrumentation of The Hot Club of France, this group features some of the top gypsy jazz artists in North America. The New Hot Club of America pays particular attention to recapturing the sound, style, and spirit of...

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