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    Victor Bishara Real Estate - What a beautiful entryway to this home! Would you like a house with a courtyard? I can help you find one!

    1 day ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Don't let your room's shape dampen your decorating potential.

    How to Decorate a Large Rectangular Living Room | eHow

    Large, rectangular living rooms can be a challenge to decorate. They seem to be much longer than they are wide, and this can pose a huge problem when trying to figure out what will make them look like cozy, inviting rooms for family, friends and other guests. Not to worry, though. There are several…

    2 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Would you 'like' this comfy reading nook at your home?

    3 days ago

    Victor Bishara Real Estate - Is this the perfect room for watching football or what?

    4 days ago
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  • Community Events

    Softball Practice
    9-18-14 9:00 am - Alta Vista Credit Union
    I.E. Pick Up Sports & Outdoor Adventures

    Weds Workout and Adventure
    9-18-14 9:00 am - Alta Vista Credit Union
    Redlands Area Walking/Hiking and Yoga Too!

    WE meet outside the park where Cajon and Summit meet.  On the park side of the street.  There is street parking.    We will walk about 5 miles.  Wear reflective gear and bring a flash light.    We walk at 605

    Taking Pains Writers Discussion Group
    9-18-14 9:00 am - Alta Vista Credit Union
    SoCal Orange Empire Writers League

    A discussion group tackling topics concerning the craft, business and science of writing.

    Join us for a Special presentation on Dynamic Communication Skills
    9-18-14 9:00 am - Alta Vista Credit Union
    PROTON of Redlands, CA - Professional Business Network

    This coming Thursday at 9:00 a.m. our group will be privileged to hear from a very successful business professional and one of the most outstanding local leaders who will take time away from her busy schedule to share of her expertise with us....

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